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  Animals Vocalization -- See Sound production by animals
Here are entered works on the anatomy, physiology, and behavior involved in the production of sound by animals. Descriptions, notations, or recordings of the sounds made by animals are entered under Animal sounds. Works on the calls used by humans to attract or lure animals and which may imitate characteristic animal sounds are entered under Animal calls.

--subdivision Vocalization under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Mammals--Vocalization; Cattle--Vocalization
  Animals War Use -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Animals War Use Canada 20th Century Juvenile Literature : Messier, Mireille,  2019 1
Animals War Use History 20th Century : Croke, Vicki Constantine  2014 1
Animals War Use Juvenile Literature : McCormick, Patricia,  2017 1
  Animals War Use Of -- See Animals War use
  Animals Wintering -- See Also the narrower term Hibernation

--subdivision Hibernation under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Fishes--Hibernation
Animals Wintering Juvenile Fiction : Messner, Kate.  2011 1
Animals Wintering Juvenile Literature   3
Animals Wit And Humor : Joynson-Hicks, Paul.  2017 1
Animals Youth Collection   2
Animated   2016 1
  Animated Cartoons -- See Animated films
  Animated Cartoons Motion Pictures -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Animated Childrens Films   2016 1
Animated Film Music   11
Animated Film Music Excerpts   2
Animated Film Music Juvenile Sound Recordings   2017 1
  Animated Films -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Animated Films   427
Animated Films Catalogs : Beck, Jerry.  2005 1
Animated Films For Children   5
Animated Films Japan   2016 1
Animated Films Juvenile   2
Animated Films Juvenile Dvd Video Discs   2001 1
Animated Films Juvenile Dvd Videodiscs   3
Animated Films Juvenile Films   8
Animated Films Juvenile Literature : Bynghall, Steve,  2019 1
Animated Films Juvenile Videorecording   2000 1
Animated Films Miscellanea : Smith, Derek,  2011 1
  Animated Films Musical Accompaniments -- See Animated film music
Animated Films Pictorial Works : Zahed, Ramin.  2014 1
Animated Films Psychological Aspects   2016 1
  Animated Films Technique -- See Animation (Cinematography)
Here are entered works on the technical aspects of making animated films, television programs, or videos. Works on motion pictures, television programs, or videos that create the illusion of movement in drawings, clay, inanimate objects, or the like, through an animation technique, are entered under Animated films or Animated television programs with appropriate geographic, topical, and/or form subdivisions.
Animated Films United States   3
Animated Films United States History : Beck, Jerry.  2003 1
Animated Films United States History And Criticism : Mitenbuler, Reid,  2020 1
Animated Films United States Miscellanea Juvenile Literature   2009 1
  Animated Live Action Films Hybrid -- See Live-action/animation films
This heading is used as a genre/form heading for films that feature interaction between live-action and animated elements.
Animated Television Music   2
Animated Television Music Excerpts   2018 1
Animated Television Music Excerpts Juvenile Sound Recordings   2
Animated Television Music Juvenile Excerpts   2009 1
  Animated Television Programs -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Animated Television Programs   432
Animated Television Programs For Children   3
Animated Television Programs Juvenile Films   2
Animated Television Programs Juvenile Videorecordings   2012 1
  Animated Television Programs Musical Accompaniments -- See Animated television music
Animated Television Programs United States   2
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